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NHI Hosts Las Vegas Induction Ceremony 2023

Posted: March 10, 2023 at 9:48 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Article written by Bianca Rawlings.

This past weekend marked the start of an exciting journey for 32 young people who attended NHI’s Las Vegas 2023 Induction Ceremony. These high achieving students have already accomplished so much in their academic careers, their induction into NHI is well-earned and is merely the first step in their leadership development with NHI.

The induction took place at the Vistas Community Center on Parkside Way in Las Vegas from 1:30-4:00pm on Saturday, March 4th, 2023. NHI 2022 program participants and 2023 students slated to attend were invited, as well as our key NHI@LasVegas Alliance parent volunteers, including Ms. Rowena Messner (Project Administrator), Ms. Renea Parks, Ms. Jill Smith, and new parent volunteers Esperanza Ocampo and Russ Coffee.

These 32 students will undoubtedly spend their time with NHI well and make the most of both the curriculum and college exposure that the LDZ program offers. During the ceremony the students and parents were able to learn more about NHI, meet some of their peers, and hear from NHI sponsors and staff. NHI Headquarters was represented by Executive Vice President, Nicole Nieto, and her daughter and former NHI participant to conduct the swear-in oath for the seniors, Ms. Paolina Sada.

The excitement the inductees felt was palatable, from their beaming smiles and obvious confidence to the laughter and conversation they had with their new friends, it was clear to see these newly inducted NHIers felt right at home.

Through NHI, these students will not only learn the skills they need to achieve success in the present and near future but also gain an invaluable bonding experience. The connections they make in NHI will form a significant part of their professional network, closest friendships, and mentors in the future.

These students are putting in the work now to be tomorrow’s leaders and NHI could not have been prouder to induct them into our programs. Kristin Koca, Executive Director Corporate Communications of Las Vegas Sands, came to this induction to extol meaningful and inspirational remarks on the students and parents. This ceremony as well as funding for the NHI@LasVegas Alliance is made possible in part by Las Vegas Sands. Please see an article published by Sands about this event at

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