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CWSx now recruiting students seeking college admissions edge for 2021

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The first members of next year’s CWSx cohort are in and committed. But there’s still a place for those who want to experience the National Hispanic Institute’s capstone experience.

NHI’s CWSx program, the digital version of the Collegiate World Series that debuted this past summer, is recruiting for its 2021 editions. NHI will host a webinar on Monday, Oct. 26, at 6pm CT/7pm ET, for students wanting to learn more about the program. You can register for the session to learn more about CWSx 2021 here.

What is CWSx?

CWSx includes a unique opportunity for each participant to be coached by a professional college admission counselor on his or her college admissions application components. NHI designs it as the final year of its three-year leadership program, but it’s also important in that it provides a transition for aspiring young leaders to focus on civic engagement even as they’re focusing on making the best possible college choices.

The initial CWSx allowed NHI to work with students who had committed to CWS. Even though it proved a success for those who experienced it, the 2021 edition will apply lessons learned from its inaugural year into an even more engaging online experience.

“We joke inside the office that NHI became a tech company overnight, in response to the pandemic, as we pivoted from in-person to digital programs,” said NHI Senior Vice President Chris Nieto.

“The challenge for us was whether we could create a similar transformational program experience to the in-person CWS. The feedback from the 2020 NHI summer participants was a resounding YES.”

“Every NHIer brings high-level talent, leadership, and innovation to the organization. All those qualities will be on display at this summer’s 2021 CWSx programs. Participants will gain important insight into the college admissions process, especially with how this pandemic has changed it. CWSx will also help students hone their leadership skills, making lifelong friends along the way. You can register today and continue your NHI leadership journey.”

He points out that you can also start your NHI leadership journey at CWSx; the organization will be accepting first-time NHIers to the program.

As the new digital CWSx brochure details, the CWSx pricing includes a discounted level for NHI Student Club members.

What is the NHI Student Club?

The NHI Student Club is essentially the answer to the question, “What if NHI was a year-round program rather than just a summer one?”

For just $50 a year, a membership allows students access to private online events and workshops at a free or discounted rate. It also includes a subscription to NHI’s new monthly newsletter, for the latest info from NHI headquarters. It also includes discounts on the NHI summer leadership programs. To register, click this link to be transported to the page on the NHI website.

The 2021 sessions will be either June 23-25 and June 28-29 for CWSx1, or July 7-9 and July 12-13 for CWSx2. This year’s registration deadline is Wednesday, November 25 (the day before Thanksgiving).

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