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Help wish NHI a happy 40th anniversary with your memories

NHI national hispanic institute 40 years 40th birthday NHI's 40th anniversary
Posted: July 13, 2019 at 8:55 am   /   by   /   comments (1)

July 20 is a week from today — and on that day in 1979, the National Hispanic Institute was founded. NHI’s 40th anniversary year already has included some momentous highlights, including a return to Mexico for the newly-launched Mexico Great Debate program, the 30th anniversary celebration of NHI’s partnership with Colorado State University for the Colorado LDZ program, and the launch of the new Colorado Great Debate program, with a new host site for the Northeast CWS still on the horizon.

We’re looking to share your best memories of NHI (and any birthday wishes you’d like to pass on) in advance of next Saturday. We’ve created a form below to help capture your memories and reflections as NHI prepares to enter its fifth decade of work in preparing Latino leaders for the future.

It’s been a momentous 40 years to date. We’ve seen the first NHI-trained leaders elected to Congress and exhibiting bold, fearless leadership. We’ve put down roots in the Midwest, California, and Florida, where Latino communities thrive and where Latino leadership is increasingly prevalent. We’ve established an LDZ program in Panama, and have seen students from throughout the Americas enroll in NHI programs in the U.S. as well as Latin America. We will continue to grow and evolve as we develop more leaders, but next Saturday will be an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve been able to do as una gran familia.

(If you’d like to participate in the birthday memory article for NHI’s 40th anniversary, just fill out the form above by Thursday, and we’ll select a representation of your reflections. If you want to share it with other fellow NHIers, you can also cut and paste this link — — and share it that way. And if you have your own pictures to share on social media, use the #nhi40 hashtag to help celebrate the day.)

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