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NHI Decision Day, for seniors declaring university choices, returns May 3

Cotulla HS students make their college choices known
Posted: April 22, 2019 at 2:36 pm   /   by   /   comments (1)

NHI Decision Day, the annual celebration of National Hispanic Institute’s graduating seniors and their university choices, returns on Friday, May 3. We’re inviting NHI alumni to use the #NHIDecisionDay hashtag on social media networks (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to tell the world where they’ll carry on their development as leaders.

Since 2017, students, staff, and parents from the National Hispanic Institute have come together to celebrate our graduating seniors’ success by being part of our NHI Decision Day social media campaign. NHI students throughout the United States, Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic have the opportunity to post where they will be attending college on social networks using the hashtag #NHIDecisionDay.

“It has been a motivating factor for our youth as they watch the seniors they have looked up to, go to college,” said NHI Director of Admissions Kara Jue. “It is always going to be a process that is inspiring and influential for generations to come. We put a lot of effort in our work and in our students throughout their leadership training, and we’re very proud of who they’ve become. I know they will come back and be a part of NHI or find a way to give back to their community.”

Since 1990, NHI has had a College Register membership where admissions advisers recruit Latino high school students. A number of these institutions, who host our NHI summer programs end up being the first introduction to a college campus for our students, eventually leading students to their second home come NHI Decision Day!

NHI’s student surveys reveal that 98 percent of students who have attended at least one NHI leadership series program go on to college, with 90 percent of those graduating within five years.

Last year’s event, which we rounded up and presented on, blossomed into a full weekend of posts from students who chose colleges and universities as close as Texas A&M and as far as New York University-Abu Dhabi.

To be part of the buzz, on NHI Decision Day by posting a picture and a caption of information on your college of choice using the hashtag #NHIDecisionDay and tagging three other NHI students to join the campaign! You can also show off your colors with pride by submitting your photos and caption information to Evelyn Gomez at for a chance to be featured on NHI’s social media networks on May 3, 2019.

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  • April 23, 2019 at 1:54 pm Rosa Ferman

    Ese evento es en Houston???