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NHI Releases Report Card for Class of 2016

NHI students supporting Texas A&M
Posted: April 4, 2017 at 3:27 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The latest National Hispanic Institute Report Card, for the Class of 2016, has been published, providing a snapshot of the most recent NHI-affiliated graduating high school class.

From the 725 participating respondents — nearly two-thirds of the eligible high school students — NHI was able to assess what’s changed and what’s stayed fundamental in the NHI student profile.

Highlights from the report included these findings:

NHI Enjoys Community Leadership Popularity
The organization’s name recognition across a growing number of cities, states, and even countries continues to attract students with strong academic credentials, who are more likely to pursue college enrollment and complete their studies at 4-year institutions at numbers higher than the national average.

Texas Remains a Major Supplier of College-Bound High School Students
Despite the widespread representation of NHI students from different states and Latin American countries, Texas remains the chief supply source of the organization’s participation base and entering college freshmen.

Strong Representation in Difficult-to-Reach Communities
NHI’s community outreach efforts generate large numbers of college-bound students in regions that are often difficult for colleges to recruit due to time constraints and/or limited college outreach funds.

NHI Students Consistently Rank Strongly as College Admission Candidates
Beginning with the first official Report Card of 1986, that surveyed 185 graduating high school seniors, students who participate in at least one NHI program maintain a 98% rate of college admission over a span of 30 years.

NHI Students Seek College Register Members and Host Institutions
Forty percent of NHI graduating high school seniors enrolled in a four-year institution that is either a host institution or a College Register member, indicating NHI students strongly prefer higher education institutions they are familiar with through NHI programming.

Women Remain Prominent in NHI Leadership Programs
Among the participants who annually attend leadership programs of the National Hispanic Institute, young women continue to have stronger representation in numbers and recognition for their efforts at NHI leadership programs.

NHI Students Choose Private Colleges
Despite the rising costs of higher education, private colleges remain prominent in the selections of NHI students, especially Catholic institutions.

The Number of International Latino Students Is Growing
Participation in NHI high school leadership programs by abroad students from different Latin American countries is on the rise, with students from those countries increasingly electing to attend American colleges.

The full report can be found on the Research & Publications page of the NHI Website.

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