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NHI Announces CWS at the University of Denver

Posted: February 16, 2023 at 10:12 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The University of Denver is thrilled to welcome NHI’s Collegiate World Series to our campus,” says Jeremy Haefner, chancellor of the University of Denver.

“We hope that NHI’s scholars enjoy the great city of Denver and our campus community. There are plans in the works for a lot of exciting and engaging activities. We welcome the opportunity to meet and interact with NHI scholars and we look forward to the program in the summer of 2023.”

Additionally, DU is showing its commitment to CWS students who choose to attend DU, inviting participants into the school’s Pathway Partner Program. This program allows invitees the opportunity to submit a free application to DU during their senior year of high school. Students admitted through the program who have remaining financial need following the financial aid awarding process, are eligible for a Pathway scholarship in their DU package, for up to $7500 for each of four years, which totals up to $30,000.

The CWS, designed for top Latino students between their junior and senior years of high school, is the final program in a three-year leadership education series NHI runs in partnership with host universities throughout the U.S. as well as Mexico and Panama. The three-part series of summer programs is attended by high school students with high potential to become leaders within the U.S. and global Latino communities.

Though NHI notes that 98 percent of their students enter college, with 90 percent receiving college degrees within five years, the program is focused on much more than higher education. NHI sees college as only one step towards principled leadership among the Latino community.

It’s a forward-looking leadership program; NHI president and founder Ernesto Nieto notes it is geared toward what communities throughout the Americas will need in the decades to come. NHI has developed the concept of immersive-disruptive learning — a self-directed, student-centered learning method that encourages critical thinking and challenges society’s assumptions and conventions — to provide both a compliment and a contrast to the education students experience during the school year.

“For 40 years, NHI has challenged Latino students to fulfill their potential as leaders, to make their communities self-sustaining, and to honor their history and heritage as part of their measure of success,” he said.

To sign up for this CWS, visit this page at the NHI site to get started, and visit the CWS page on the site to get more info about the day-to-day schedule and other aspects of the program.

The CWS program is presented in part thanks to State Farm.

Article written by Bianca Rawlings.

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