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El Paso team to bring enthusiasm and dedication to 2022 Texas Great Debate

El Paso team prepping for 2022 Texas Great Debate
Posted: June 10, 2022 at 6:10 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

As part of our series highlighting 2022 Texas Great Debate teams — in advance of the June 11-14 quest for the Silver Cup — connected with El Paso head coach Christina Li about the 18-person team representing Texas’ westernmost city, coming to Schreiner University in Kerrville, Texas.

What kind of things are you doing to prepare the team and build camaraderie?

Since March, we have met weekly on Sundays to train and socialize. Beginning in May, we increased the frequency of meetings by introducing weekday training sessions. During all of our meetings, we focus on developing NHI philosophy and preparing students in their respective debate categories, but we also set aside time for fun activities to get to know each other. There is time for talking, ice breakers, discussions, speaking activities, practice rounds, and anything that prepares the team and/or builds camaraderie. 

What do you think distinguishes this particular team? What about them is notable and special?

I think this particular team is distinguished by their enthusiasm and dedication. With the NHI at El Paso team that we have been fostering this year, our participants have shown incredible determination throughout the course of this training season. At the very first meeting we held with participants, we immediately noticed their raw confidence and enthusiasm to engage. As we progressed in our training, this dedication to NHI and improving themselves only grew. Whether it’s braving 100-degree temperatures outside for meetings or rewriting cases for updated topics, this team is special because they have shown such tenacity and willingness to grow. 

How are they engaging with this year’s theme?

Our participants have engaged with this year’s theme with plenty of questions and an open mind. Social narratives are a complex idea that has challenged students to consider social narratives in their own personal lives as well as in the larger community. Developing an understanding of this year’s theme did not occur overnight, but thanks to discussions, writing speeches and cases, and plenty of practicing, our participants have come to have a firm grasp of this year’s theme. 

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