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Schreiner University to host Texas and Texas Star Great Debate doubleheader in 2022

schreiner university cws part two 2021
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Schreiner University in Kerrville, Texas will take on an exciting and special role for the National Hispanic Institute, serving as a host for two separate NHI programs in the same year. The liberal arts university at the gateway to the Texas Hill Country will be the site for two 2022 programs: The Texas Great Debate, a four-day NHI tradition that will take place June 11 to 14, and the Texas Star Great Debate, an experience convening June 16 to 21.

In addition to being a previous partner to NHI on events, it’s a school well-known to one of NHI’s principal program coordinators thanks to a personal connection.

“My own daughter, Paolina, attends Schreiner and I know it’s a safe space and wonderful, peaceful place for young people to get creative and have fun,” said Nicole Nieto, executive vice president for NHI. “The hills of Kerrville give the town a cozy, village-like feel. The beauty of the river, affordable eateries, and laid-back lifestyle make it a wonderful place to study, learn, and grow.”

Schreiner University has previously served as host for the Texas Star Great Debate program. Now, for the first time in history, NHI takes its four-day edition of the Great Debate there – which serves as a rendezvous point for a number of Texas regions, including the Tip of Texas (Brownsville), Rio Grande Valley (McAllen/Edinburg), El Paso, San Antonio, Dallas (North Texas; which is Dallas-Fort Worth), Houston, Corpus Christi, and Austin.

Unlike the six-day program, where students form teams shortly after arriving through a team selection process, the four-day version of the Great Debate involves teams that form and train during the spring, representing their respective cities and regions.

While it’s not the first time a host university has hosted two programs in a single calendar year, it is the first time that two Great Debate programs will share a host.

“We’re delighted to once again be the destination for NHI student leaders, and have made the arrangements necessary to receive NHI’s largest summer program, the Texas Great Debate, on top of our ongoing support for the Texas Star Great Debate. We are committed to young people who dedicate themselves to leadership development,” stated Mark Tuschak, Schreiner’s Vice President.

During both Great Debate programs, students will get to use the Special Events Center, Trailhead Garden area, student center, cafeteria, and numerous classroom spaces.

“I’m sure the students will have a blast on campus, enjoying the beauty and first-class facilities,” said Julio Cotto, Senior Vice President of Education and Training. “We have enjoyed our time there each year, and we can’t wait to host in-person Great Debate programs there following the pandemic. We’ve already practiced in-person programming this past summer with our CWS Part 2 and a small Great Debate; now we’re ready to go all in with our large Great Debate programs. It’s going to be an emotional reunion of friends and a special welcome for our new NHI members.”

Current ninth-grade students are invited to apply to the Great Debate program. Call 512-357-6137 to learn more, or go online to to apply. Enrollment will continue until programs are filled, but the Regular Admissions deadline is Nov. 15, with late admissions accepted through Dec. 15, 2021. NHI also seeks NHI alumni who want to serve in volunteer roles. Contact Julio Cotto at for further information.

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