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NHI Legacy Fund reaches $40,000 fundraising goal

nhi legacy fund
Posted: March 1, 2021 at 4:17 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The NHI Legacy Fund, initiated this fall to help secure the National Hispanic Institute’s future, reached a key fundraising goal over the weekend, surpassing the $40,000 needed to trigger a $40,000 matching donation from an anonymous donor with longtime ties to the organization. 

The money raised — at the $46,250 mark as of this afternoon — will go into the first-ever endowment fund for NHI, marking an important milestone in the organization’s longevity. 

The fundraiser began its life in October to commemorate NHI founder and president Ernesto Nieto’s 80th birthday, and netted nearly $3,500 from well-wishers. It was then extended to the eventual Feb. 28 deadline with a $40,000 goal when the anonymous donor stepped up with the incentive for NHI alumni and supporters. The donor pledged an initial $40,000 donation, with an additional $40,000 if the community could raise $40,000 collectively. 

“NHI was founded to always cultivate the set of LatinX leaders for the 21st century and beyond,” said the anonymous donor, upon learning of the goal being reached. “The NHI Legacy Fund is just the beginning of supporting this journey. Important to the achievement of this matching milestone is that it will take all of us to fulfill Ernie and Gloria’s founding vision. This is a foundational step in that direction.” 

NHI’s executive vice president, Nicole Nieto, was especially appreciative of those who stepped forward to contribute.

“The Legacy Fund inspired many donors to step up as stakeholders of NHI,” she noted, “We were overwhelmed by the gifts of many loyal supporters who believe in our work.  This kind of effort makes us want to double our efforts to serve youth.  We are so excited to carry forth the legacy they’ve started with this financial investment.” 

Those who missed the Feb. 28 deadline can still contribute via the current fundraising page until Wednesday, March 3 before the page is retired.

Those who want to earmark donations for the NHI Legacy Fund after that — and before the next online NHI Legacy Fund fundraising page goes live — can mail checks made payable to “NHI” and reference “Legacy Fund” to NHI at PO Box 220, Maxwell, Texas, 78656, or donate on the NHI website and select NHI Legacy Fund.

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