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Multinational community comes together for 2018 New York LDZ

Two attorneys at the 2018 New York LDZ at the University of Rochester
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The 2018 New York LDZ brought nearly 100 students from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and five U.S. states (California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, and Texas) to the University of Rochester for what NHI Senior Vice PresidentJulio Cotto calls one of the most consistently diverse NHI programs.

“The New York LDZ is always one of my favorite NHI encounters,” Cotto said. “While it is not one of the larger programs in size, it is by far one of the most diverse in culture, geography, language, and mindset. Students at the New York LDZ span all cultural, socioeconomic, and linguistic background from not only the United States but from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, and Puerto Rico. When you talk about community at this program, you explore so many expressions of what it looks and feels like, yet you find the similarities in values and beliefs – creencias.” 

Cotto notes that the diversity bore out in representation from the program’s top officers. “At the 2018 New York LDZ, you had an executive branch led by a Dominican student. The Speaker was from North New Jersey. Several of the Justices were from Texas. It just amplifies the level of conversation, because you are forced to explore topics and themes from more and more vantage points.” 

Cotto also praised the University of Rochester for hosting, noting, “University of Rochester is always an outstanding partner institution that is always most interested in being the stage for this type of learning. Dean Burdick just gets it and was there to remind the delegates, ‘Don’t hide from your power!’”

Award winners, part of a group of students who excelled throughout the week at the 2018 New York LDZ, included:


Most Promising Male: Iñaki Rodriguez, Mexico City, Mexico

Most Promising Female: Nandini Parikh, El Paso, Texas

Ricky Miranda: Catherine Rhame, San Antonio, Texas



Most Distinguished Representative: Elias Camacho, Queretaro, Mexico

Most Persuasive Representative: Ulises Moreno, Torreon, Mexico

Most Outstanding Legislator: Laura Villalobos, Houston, Texas

Best Debater: Noah Jimenez, Bronx, New York

Best Author: Christopher Miliano, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic



Most Distinguished Senator: Genesis Rodriguez, Bronx, New York

Most Persuasive Senator: Kevin Terrazas, Laredo, Texas

Most Outstanding Legislator: Rania Mcbain, Austin, Texas

Best Debater: Elisabeth Jimenez, San Antonio, Texas

Best Author: Daniel Guzman, Round Lake Beach, Illinois



Most Distinguished Attorney: Brayan Molina, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Most Outstanding Member: Sofia Goff, Austin, Texas

Best Orator: Jean Oleaga, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


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