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2018 LDZ Las Americas impresses in first year with dual sponsors

Students participating in the 2018 LDZ Las Americas program in Panama
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The 2018 LDZ Las Americas program, the first-ever NHI program to have two host institutions involved, served as a leadership launchpad for 80 students, most from Panamá, at Cuidad del Saber, which has established itself as the longstanding home for LDZ Las Americas. Florida State University-Panama also served as a host institution for its first year ever, supporting NHI’s efforts in running the program.

“The 2018 LDZ Las Americas was extraordinary,” said Choche Cruz, the program’s education director. “The participants took ownership of the legislative session and process, adopting the responsibility of the proposals signed into law. We currently have two participants working on their individual proposals, with the encouragement and support of the delegation. I am extremely proud and moved by the passion and commitment shown by this generation.”

Regina Romero-Garza, from John Paul II HS in Dallas, Texas, and one of the few Americans who traveled to Panama for the event, was elected President.

Maria Alejandra Dominguez, from Colegio Brader in Panamá’s capital city, was elected President of the Senate. Her classmate Doménico Iovane served as Chief Justice for the session. José Vidal, who attended’s El Colegio de Panamá in the capital but from hails from Caracas, Venezuela, was elected President of the House of Representatives.

Paul Morales, Secretary of State, set a tone for the LDZers by stating, “Don´t impress me, impress yourselves!” Students distinguished themselves throughout the conference; Romero-Garza, in response to being barefoot while otherwise professionally attired, noted, “Pienso mejor descalza (I think better barefoot).”

The four proposals that became law at the 2018 LDZ Las Americas included:

“Cambiaremos el sístema educativo de las escuelas de los estudiantes de LALDZ 2018 (Changing the educational system of the LALDZ 2018 students’ schools),” from José Vidal, from El Colegio de Panamá;

“Intercambio Nacional de Conocimiento (National Knowledge Exchange),” from Samuel Gomez, from Panamerican School in Panamá, Panamá;

“Exchange knowledge among the Latino Community and become a community that can invest in itself, rather than appeal to other countries for help” author of then of Justice Supreme Court number 89, the Distinguished Gabriela Vega from Colegio Brader;

“Create institutions where people share knowledge for further competitions or projects,” by Eduardo Spiegel.

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