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Cabrini lauded for partnership with NHI, honoring its mission

Posted: January 20, 2017 at 10:52 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The National Hispanic Institute’s most recent University of the Year award winner, Cabrini University, has been lauded by Philadelphia newspaper Al Dia for its commitment to bringing education to immigrants — Latino immigrants in particular.

The host site for the Northeast Collegiate World Series was praised for holding to its original mission in the article, which ran in Al Dia on January 10. Writer Alicia Lozano noted,

There was a time when the image of a small, private university called to mind images of young, white, affluent students who would go on to succeed in prescribed careers as lawyers, thinkers and authors. While this stereotype remains largely accurate in campuses across academia, changing demographics demand a new, more inclusive approach to higher education. Cabrini University, located just outside Philadelphia in the quiet suburb of Radnor, is implementing strategies to bring in more students of color with a special emphasis on Latinos.

Led by the university’s current president, Donald B. Taylor, Cabrini has launched an ambitious plan to increase Latino student enrollment 25 percent over the next several years. Doing so in Trump’s America is complicated as deportation threats and anti-immigrant fervor spread throughout the country. But Cabrini, a Catholic institution, holds itself accountable to a higher authority.

NHI is proud of the work that Cabrini, under Dr. Donald B. Taylor, is doing to prepare future Latino leaders. Lozano’s article noted that Cabrini’s partnership with NHI is integral to this overall mission. She wrote:

A molecular biologist by training, Taylor takes a practical approach to diversifying the university’s student body. He established a 2020 roadmap within his first year as president, vowing to increase enrollment for Latinos, African-Americans and other underserved communities. The university started by hosting the National Hispanic Institute’s Collegiate World Series, a five-day program that invites Spanish-speaking students from the U.S., Mexico and Dominican Republic for an inside look into the competitive college admissions process, securing financial aid and strategic planning for future success.

Congratulations to Cabrini for this acknowledgment of the work it’s doing — NHI is proud of its partnership with Cabrini, and looks forward for many more Northeast CWS programs on its campus.

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