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Tri-national New York LDZ run “70% in Spanish”

New York LDZ students
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University of Rochester logoThe New York LDZ — which has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with the University of Rochester, brought Dominican, Mexican and American students to upstate New York from July 12-19.

“The 2015 NY LDZ was the most international and Spanish-language influenced program NHI has had in the United States to date,” said education director Hector Lopez. “The largest delegation came from the Dominican Republic and representation was diverse to include Mexico, Texas, California, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois among many others. Believe it or not, well over 70% of this program was run in Spanish!”

“This particular LDZ legislative session had something truly special as all branches seemed to keenly focus on proposal quality, tangibility and relevance to the communities represented. The Supreme Court took an exceptional leadership role in this process and while well over 100 proposals were worked on, discussed and debated, only one proposal was fully adopted.”

Lopez added, “Stay tuned for more from the 2015 NY LDZers as I hear they are diligently working behind the scenes on their adopted proposal to launch a series of podcasts and interactive programming online!”

The top officers represented three of the major geographic constituencies at the program: Mexico, Texas, and the Northeast United States:

Miguel Angel Gabaldon Adame
Tec de Monterrey, Torreon Campus
Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico

Lt. Governor
Maria Olmos-Zertuche
Alamo Heights High School
San Antonio, Texas

Speaker of the House
Eric Teunissen-Bermeo
Phoenixville High School
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Chief Justice
Louis Benitez
East Austin College Prep
Austin, Texas

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