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National Hispanic Institute Launches “Pass the Torch” campaign on Giving Tuesday to raise $45,000 by New Year’s Eve

Posted: November 28, 2023 at 4:50 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The National Hispanic Institute (NHI), renowned for its commitment to nurturing young leaders is sponsoring the “Pass The Torch” fundraising campaign on Giving Tuesday.

The campaign aims to reach $45,000 by the end of the year. Funds will support NHI’s plans and priorities for 2024, with a focus on student scholarship support and planning for the future.
This initiative underscores NHI’s dedication to prepare the next generation of community leaders
through its acclaimed programs. For nearly 45 years, NHI has been instrumental in shaping the
leadership of over 100,000 youth across the United States and Latin America. The “Pass The Torch”
campaign seeks to expand this impact, enabling more young individuals to benefit from transformative
experiences like the Great Debate, LDZ, and CWS programs.
“The ‘Pass The Torch’ campaign is more than just a fundraising effort; it initiates a broader campaign
that will be announced in 2024. It is an invitation to the community to invest in the future of
leadership,” said Marcelo Tafoya in NHI’s communications division. “Our goal of $45,000 is a beginning
towards our larger aim of increasing our student participation by 2x this year and preparing our Maxwell
campus for the future. These funds are crucial in sustaining and expanding our programs, making them
accessible to a broader spectrum of aspiring young leaders.”

NHI’s proven track record of fostering leadership skills in youth positions it uniquely to make a
significant impact with the funds raised. The organization’s alumni have gone on to become influential
community leaders, advocates, and change-makers.

Supporters are encouraged to contribute to the campaign through various giving levels, each making a
meaningful difference in the lives of young leaders. Contributions can be made through NHI’s
fundraising page, with options for one-time or recurring donations.

For more information about the “Pass The Torch” campaign and how to contribute, please visit

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